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At Allbirds, we're all about making shoes people feel good in and good about - using the world's best natural materials. Think you're up for the challenge? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

零售大使 – 广州太古汇

Retail Ambassador – Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, China



Allbirds(欧布斯)是一个来自美国旧金山的时尚休闲品牌。在Allbirds,我们的使命是将舒适性、优秀的设计以及可持续性兼具为一体。并致力于使用优质的天然材料,为人们日常生活打造一款具有可持续性意义的鞋类产品。我们承诺以更好的方式创造更好的产品,并根植于我们的信念;制鞋行业追求的不应是炫目夸张的设计,而应是独具匠心的深入思考和用心。消费品领域领先的风险投资家和知名电子商务企业创始人及CEO们对我们进行了投资,让我们颠覆传统制鞋业的探索之旅有了一个良好的开端。事实上,美国«时代» 杂志早在2016年3月1日时已经将我们第一款 Wool 时尚休闲鞋;誉为是世界上最舒适的鞋子。不仅如此,我们将会在未来带来更多惊喜,竭诚期待您的加入,和我们一起分享更多品牌的成长故事。



  • 熟悉并执行公司规章制度,清楚了解本职工作。
    Be familiar with Employer’s rules; have good knowledge of the responsibilities of retail store employees.


销售和顾客服务/ Sales and Customer Service

  • 关注顾客需求,不断提高服务标准与销售技巧从而不断增加客户体验。
    Attend to customers’ needs; continuously improve service standards and sales skills to continuously enhance the customer experience.


产品/ Products

  • 充分了解产品,并为顾客提供专业咨询和讲解
    Have comprehensive knowledge of products; provide customers with professional consultations and presentations
  • 负责做好货品销售记录,盘点,账目核对等各项销售统计工作
    Be responsible for sales records, inventory and account management, etc.
  • 完成商品来货验收,上架陈列,补货退货等
    Be responsible for inspection of products, in-store visuals, replenishment and product returns
  • 管理店内和仓库货品,确保数量准确
    Supervise and control products in-store and in warehouses to ensure accurate quantities



  • 与团队互帮互助,一起达成销售目标
    Coordinate with teams to achieve the sales targets
  • 完成上级领导交办的任务(如店铺卫生和其他与店铺有关的必要的沟通和执行)
    Complete the tasks designated by managers (such as store cleanups and other necessary store-related communications and tasks)



资质要求/ Qualification Requirements

  • 热爱Allbirds,了解Allbirds,并相信品牌文化与精神
    Love Allbirds; have a good understanding of Allbirds, its brand culture and spirit
  • 性格开朗,乐于助人,有良好的沟通技巧及团队合作精神
    Be easygoing, have good communication skills and team spirit
  • 能根据店铺实际情况适应灵活的排班制度
    Be able to adapt to flexible working hours based on actual store conditions


福利待遇/ Benefits

  • 有竞争力的薪酬待遇Competitive salary
  • 健身补贴Fitness benefits
  • 免费鞋履Free shoes



欢迎投递简历至,  Allbirds中国团队期待您的加入!

Please apply with your resume to, we're excited to hear from you.



We take our craft seriously, but not ourselves.

As part of the Allbirds family, you can look forward to team lunches, color brainstorms, product tests, fun company outings, inspiring guest speakers, comfortable shoes, sheep puns, and lots of creative ideas.

We are on a mission to prove that comfort, good design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We're a certified B Corporation, meaning we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

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